Importer and Distributer of Exotic Fruits in Canada

We are direct importers of exquisite exotic fruits with large health benefits and amazing flavours all of which fall under a social responsible system. We empower small producers and cooperatives of farmers from Colombia and other Latin American Countries to share their distinctive goods with Canadians.

Smart Natural Circle

Our Fruits

Beyond their taste, beauty and the rareness of finding them in local markets, we work hard to bring you our fruits because of their amazing health benefits. In fact, many of them are commonly referred as “Super fruits”. This is our fine selection of over 20 fruits, most of which are available year-round for distribution.

Become Our Client


If you are a distributor or a wholesaler contact us. Also, if you are a supermarket or even the final client, don’t hesitate to ask us for information. Even if you go beyond our line of business, we’ll be happy to connect you with the according wholesaler in your region. You can find us all across Canada.