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About Us

About Us

About Smart Natural Circle

We are a group of Canadians, Colombians and Costa Ricans who are committed to delivering fresh exotic fruits to the Canadian market. This passion drives from our understanding of their many health benefits as well as the variety that we can bring to our daily meals.

We began this exciting journey with the motivation of extending our culture by sharing the image of others through their gastronomy. This is why our first country to visit is Colombia. With #TheRealColombianTreasures, we explore, find and import all the amazing colours, sensations and flavours brought out through their fresh produce. With an ideal variety of temperatures, weathers and altitudes, Colombia can produce different types of tropical fruits. We are committed to bringing fruits with great health benefits to those whose countries don't have access to treasures like these.

But what is so interesting about us?

We believe that these benefits are meant to be equally shared. From the producer to the final consumer, prices have been a huge obstacle to overcome. By encouraging cooperatives and small producers to align their farms with international standards and improve their production methods, this helps them better meet the requirements of exportations regarding quality, quantity and legal permits. As such, we can offer fairer prices not just for them, but for Canadians distributors and, in turn, the consumers themselves.
We promote organic production, which matches the methods that Colombians grow their produce. As it has been for many years, most Colombians protect their fruits with artisanal methods as opposed to chemical use on the entire crop. For example, some farmers keep insecticide in plastic bottles hanging on the stem of the tree. It attracts to climb into the bottle before they attack the plant, leaving both fruit and plant unharmed and chemical-free.

We are proud to bring #TheRealColombianTreasures to Canadians everwhere. Wed love to hear from you. Please reach out by email or phone to find out how we can meet your requirements with our various packaging sizes, using carton boxes, packed in bulk or in plastic trays.

Smart Natural Circle